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Coenzyme Q10 Profile - Serum

Antioxidant Protection


  • Why Test for Coenzyme Q10? - This article illustrates that measuring both direct and indirect biomarkers of CoQ10 sufficiency in order to appropriately diagnose and treat patients, and to monitor CoQ10 administration, can markedly improve patient outcomes and prevent mitochondrial related disease.
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Disease - This article examines the structure and function of mitochondria, details the mechanisms by which acquired mitochondrial dysfunction can create a wide range of symptoms and provides a rational approach to treatment.


  • IFM: The New Paradigm of Medicine - This PowerPoint presentation was developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine. It provides a concise explanation of the new paradigm of medicine that focuses on underlying causes of disease and treatment from that level rather treating symptoms alone, the approach often taken by modern medicine.
  • Evaluating Mitochondrial Function and Disease: Managing the Fatigued Patient - The mitochondrial function markers of the Organix test are discussed. Deficiency markers are explained, as well as the supplements used to correct the deficiencies.