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ION Pediatric Profile - Blood & Urine

Individual Optimal Nutrition: Pediatric

This combination of assays - the most comprehensive nutritional testing program available - measures over 100 components of your small patient's biochemistry. Many doctors use the ION profile to determine the underlying biochemical status associated with their most challenging cases.

Special collection devices are also available for your youngest patients.

The ION Report

Copies of all laboratory reports are provided with a report booklet for the patient. Graphs and explanations guide the patient and parents/guardians to understand problem areas, and individualized supplementation recommendations on ways to improve. Standard test reports are sent to the doctor with a booklet to guide interpretation of the results.

The Pediatric ION Profile* is Helpful in Cases of:

Obesity and Weight Issues - Many obese persons have multiple nutritional deficiencies. Dietary improvement and nutritional supplementation based on ION test results help many achieve more active metabolism. In the process, they are able to eliminate excess fat and fluid.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - This enigmatic disorder frequently involves mitochondrial inefficiencies (deficits in cellular energy production) that can be revealed by comparing the organic acids, amino acids and minerals test results.

Immune System Disorders - Deficiencies in a wide variety of nutrients, from amino acids to fatty acids to zinc, are seen in immune dysfunction.

Developmental Delays - Increasing numbers of children are experiencing dramatic improvements in development and achievement due to supplementation based on ION test results.

Mood Disorders - The biochemical imbalances underlying these conditions can be elucidated by testing for organic acids, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - In such conditions, functional nutrient levels are affected, including many of those involved in cellular respiration. ION can determine where imbalances occur.

The ION Profile assesses:

  • Functional Deficiency Markers for Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and Folic Acid
  • Vitamins A, E, B-Carotene and Coenzyme Q10 - (serum)
  • Essential Elements - (RBC/Whole Bld.)
  • Amino Acids - (fasting plasma)
  • Fatty Acids - (plasma)
  • Organic Acids - (overnight urine)
  • Lipid Peroxides (TBARS) - (serum)
  • Homocysteine - (plasma)